Delicious Riga

Package includes:

  • - 1 video clip review
  • - voiceover tour guidance
  • - ability to review tour within 24 hours

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Ever thought about Riga as Gourmet destination?
This tour is for those who want to enjoy Riga with all their senses, explore authentic locations, and taste this city through traditional and modern cuisine.

Eat before you start! Or help yourself with proper food while watching (chips don’t count). Otherwise You might get very hungry!

What’s included:
• Full online experience from the comfort of your home
• Flexible timing whenever is comfortable for you
• One-shot video enriched with video graphics, digital maps, drone shots and panoramic views
• Dining experience at five exclusively chosen restaurants with chefs’ introductions
• Cherry on a cake: tour of the central market with famous Riga chef
• Local guide on history, culture and cuisine
• Boutique hotel in the Old town
• Four-day travel in 35 min of online experience

Few clicks and you are in the Baltics!

Tour map


Riga- Jurmala- Riga